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Return Policies

To keep it simple we are working with 3 main return policies on Dentlets dental marketplace. In this way you can easily spot the overall terms and consider if these are the good match for you on the given product/order.


Terms: Unused products in original packaging can be returned in min. 14 working days from delivery.

Cost: Expenditures covered by seller, shipping method, carrier etc. defined by seller.


This is our most extended return option. Products in this category can be returned in original packaging and through a pre-defined return label.


Terms: Seller allow return of products in unused condition and original packaging. You do have 7 days from delivery.

Cost: Depending upon cause of return different rules apply. Generally quality and guarantee issues are free of charge, but do you?


Our most preferred and flexible solution which gives you 7 days from delivery, to decide if the product is a fit for your clinic. Everything has to be in unused condition and original packaging.


Terms: Seller allows return of products on guarantee issues.

Cost: Expenditures covered by buyer shipping method, carrier etc. defined by seller.


The least comprehensive return policy we have. Only if any guarantee issues should occur seller allows return of products.

To ensure quality return options for you, we have made three standard solution.

  • Extended
  • Flexible
  • Strict

They vary in terms and cost so you are able to choose the one that fit your needs.

These standard solutions are made for you as a customer to agree with seller and give you an easy and simple purchasing process. Should there be any situations where these options does not work for you, you can agree upon other return arrangements with seller.

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